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An affordable, flexible platform to simplify procurement.
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An affordable, flexible platform to simplify procurement.
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About Tradogram

Tradogram is a low-priced, cloud-based and secure procurement platform. Our lightweight solution empowers buyers and purchasing decision makers to manage suppliers, control costs and save money.


For founder Hani Abdou, there's no compromising these ideals when it comes to procurement software. From as early as 1986, the negotiations he's experienced in diverse countries around the world have communicated a prominent message:

Procurement is universal in business.

Saving time and money. Communicating and collaborating clearly. Documenting everything for peace of mind. These are the values that every business aspires to refine and perfect.

Created from this understanding, Platinum Integrated Business Connections Inc. (PIBCI) was established in 2009, dedicated to improving the way procurement was handled. As the needs of clients shifted in an ever changing business climate, an evolution in procurement technology became more than just an idea - it became a necessity. Enter Tradogram.


Tradogram was started as an idea that came from the real needs of real world procurement professionals.

60+ Countries

Active users from companies around the world log in to Tradogram everyday to streamline their purchasing.

Billions Spent

Companies report spending billions to purchase products and services through Tradogram.

Tradogram Procurement Management

Based in Canada, Tradogram is an award winning, cloud based SaaS platform that has been striving to match the needs of companies in 60+ countries worldwide since 2014. Over the years, our philosophy has remained the same - to provide an always affordable, modern meeting of mainstream procurement needs.

Built around these core values, Tradogram has established itself as the most affordable and configurable procurement software on the market. With an active support team and consistent updates to keep pace with new needs as they arise, Tradogram is shaping the future of spend management.

So, what's next?

We believe great minds think alike. That's why Tradogram integrates with leading business management platforms to create seamless workflows between the best tools in the industry. With thousands of procurement specialists making orders that value cumulative billions around the globe, we're looking forward to partnering with the great minds from your company soon!

Tradogram Procurement Management

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