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The R-Word: A Corporate Survival Checklist for The Recession

Posted on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 by Breelyn

Many business ideas intended to revive declining sales are at risk of failure. Decisions made during a period of stress are often overly aggressive and price-driven, factors which can impair even the best judgement. When an economy is in a recession a company may be tempted to stop manufacturing a product and let the inventory count fall to zero. The words promotion and sale may be tossed around with reckless abandon as a Band-Aid solution for the gaping wound of profit loss. Salad dressing may be marketed as a dip, soup, sports drink, and/or fuel for the car.

Are these the best ideas? Probably not. But let's cheer up! Here's a checklist of six ways to strategically control corporate expenditure and save, even during economically volatile times. Every point a company is able to check off equals a healthier balance sheet.

Try out these suggestions and your company won't have to design a decompression room for nervous breakdowns. Even better, the recession might not wreak financial havoc on your bottom line.

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