Add Value to Your Services With Tradorgram's Partner Program

A generous revenue sharing program provides scaling savings to your clients. It's a perfect 3-way match for all parties involved.

Accounting FirmsA natural reselling opportunity for savvy financial management

Accounting and purchasing – it sounds like they were made for one another. But the truth is that these functions often drift apart within larger organisations. By using Tradogram’s software integrations, purchasing data can be automatically directed to accounting systems to be processed and archived.

Chartered accounting professionals can connect their clients with the automated purchasing power of Tradogram for natural participation within the reseller program.


Management ConsultantsA simple suggestion for streamlining procurement

Chaos thrives in businesses that lack reliable management practices. Finding the right tools to maintain control is time consuming. Designed for intuitive deployment, Tradogram offers a diverse set of user controls with a flexible set of location and department configuration options for companies of all sizes.

Management consultants can confidently recommend Tradogram as a simple suggestion for alleviating purchasing confusion found in mismanaged businesses.


Purchasing AgentsOnboard clients for unrivaled communication and efficiency

As a chartered purchasing professional, you’re already a purchasing champion for countless companies. Create custom reports to prove value to your clients, track purchase orders for multiple companies, and track historic item pricing, all for a heroically affordable rate.

Leverage Tradogram’s partnership program by onboarding your suppliers and clients with our Marketplace option, and receive documentation directly through the system.


Add value to your existing services with TradogramYOUR PARTNER IN PROCUREMENT

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