Discover Industries Served by Tradogram

Tradogram has many applications across many industries. Here we shed the spotlight on a few sectors and how they benefit from using Tradogram.


Over the past few decades the construction industry has become more reliant on advanced technology. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for its procurement function – daily purchasing struggles are still a reality. Find out why construction companies are updating their processes with Tradogram.

Food & Beverage

Global trends over the next few years will trigger huge changes for the food & beverage industry, and procurement departments must be prepared for the repercussions. Learn more about how Tradogram is helping this industry to prepare for the future.


The right software can ease challenges such as overspending, high purchasing regulations, and intensive software training. Find out why many companies in the healthcare sector have selected Tradogram for its ease of use among other advantages.


The manufacturing industry is now in a pivotal position to make modifications to its procurement process. Read on to find out how Tradogram is empowering this change.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry has experienced distinctive procurement challenges over the past several years. In order to meet the high consumption rate, oil companies are constantly searching for greater value opportunities. Learn more about why oil and gas companies have chosen Tradogram as their cost effective solution for the management of strategic sourcing.


From start to finish it can take 10-15 years to make a new drug accessible to the public – a process that requires manufacturers to expend substantial costs on R&D and marketing, which further increases the capital requirements for new entrants. Find out more about how Tradogram is saving time and money for companies in the pharmaceutical industry.


Over the last few decades, retail companies have benefited from technological advancements that increase purchasing efficiency. Retailers who cannot keep pace risk being pushed aside by competitors, who continue to grow in numbers. Discover more about the edge Tradogram offers to the competitive landscape of the retail industry.


Wholesalers and distributors need effective tools to facilitate the purchasing of timely, competitively-priced orders. Companies buying in bulk will experience greater operational success if they use technology that is targeted to meet their many needs. Read more to find out how Tradogram has been developed to provide advantages to the wholesale industry.