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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Tradogram and how to use it to enhance your procurement process.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Tradogram and how to use it to enhance your procurement process.
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About Tradogram

What is Tradogram?

Tradogram is a powerful, cost-effective, and secure cloud-based procurement platform. We designed this solution to help companies manage vendors, control costs, and streamline purchasing processes. With Tradogram, you can negotiate with suppliers, track vendor performance, and collaborate within your buying department to enhance your procurement workflow. Use Tradogram to develop a standardized purchasing process, which you can enable company-wide to save money across all departments. Join Tradogram to communicate effectively with suppliers and develop stronger relationships with your highest-quality vendors.

How is Tradogram different from other supplier and purchasing management software?

Tradogram's technology was designed to revolutionize the technological landscape of corporate purchasing. Companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industry verticals are able to manage their spend with ease and efficiency.

Tradogram offers 6 solutions in one platform, for a price that doesn't exclude smaller businesses with features that satisfy MNEs. The end user has maximum flexibility to enable the solutions they require.

We invest to ensure our users can control their external and internal procurement processes and objectives. Get ideal prices and terms - from the best suppliers. We focus on automating your process, you save.

What features are included in the paid version and not available in the free account?

Check out the pricing page for further details.

Information security is my priority. Can I trust this application?

The safety of your data is critically important to us. We use EV SSL to encrypt your confidential data. That means all information exchanged between you, your suppliers, and Tradogram is fully protected. In addition, our multi-tenancy architecture enables an unlimited number of users to access their own private purchasing platforms, keeping user content confidential and secure. We offer automatic backups and data recovery for complete data protection. See our Privacy page for more details.

Which industries can benefit from this software?

Tradogram provides workflow advantages and savings for all industries. Check out the specifics for your industry.

About Using Tradogram

How do I get started?

Create an account. Once you complete the form on that page, verify your account through email and complete the company registration to get access to your account.

Who can register a company to use Tradogram?

Anyone authorized to manage an organization or its purchases can register. We do require that you use a business email for account authenticity.

Who is the account administrator?

You decide: the administrator may be the person who registers the company, or another person the company authorizes as administrator. You are also able to assign any number of users as administrators.

What can the administrator do?

The administrator can set user permissions and other controls. The administrator can also add users, oversee the work of these users, add branches, and authorize branch managers to set user permissions.

How many branches can one company register?

A company can register any number of branches, however each branch requires that one user is assigned as branch administrator.

How many users can work on a single user account?

User accounts are designed to be accessed by one user only. Each individual using Tradogram should have a unique username and password for purposes of security and optimized workflow.

Can a supplier see the offers I receive from other suppliers?

No. Each supplier can see only the information that pertains to its business with your organization. The sourcing events created on Tradogram are kept confidential between you and each individual supplier participating.

I'm a supplier. Do I have to pay to use Tradogram if my customer uses it?

No. Suppliers are not charged. But as a supplier, you can create your own free account to receive comprehensive reports on the offers, counter offers, and other transactions you conduct with buyers who employ the Tradogram procurement system.

Can Tradogram help me find new suppliers?

No. Tradogram does not have a directory of suppliers. Tradogram is designed to help you manage your supplier relationships. You would need to upload your own approved list of suppliers, and Tradogram will provide you with tools to help you manage your ongoing communications.


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