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Tradogram Procurement Management

Tradogram Accommodates Diverse Purchasing Requirements

Ottawa, Ontario, January 8, 2016


New Developments on The Application Continue To Improve Usability

Cloud-based procurement software must stay ahead of client demand in order to maintain its competitive edge. Tradogram, the application developed by the Ottawa-based company PIBCI, is doing exactly this, and results have been outstanding. Additional new features have been serving extensive procurement needs across numerous sectors. These features are the direct outcome of conversations with CPOs who are searching for ways to cut procurement costs. In fact, current studies have shown that savings of up to 15% in the total cost of purchases can be expected after switching to an eProcurement & sourcing solutions.

In an effort to fulfill the needs of many users, Tradogram enables various types of Requests For Quotes, and Requests For Proposals. Features such as these promote optimal flexibility which allows the buyer to exert full control throughout every procurement phase. Most importantly, companies are able to maintain processes that have been established internally with no disruption in operational continuity.

Sealed bidding is a process most companies find difficult to manage. When using a sealed bid request process (one of several options on Tradogram), supplier offers cannot be opened before a set date/time, as predetermined by the buyer. Participating Suppliers can alter their offers up until this date/time, at which point they can be opened by the buyer. A Discussion Room allows buyers to communicate openly with the suppliers participating in a request so questions can be asked and answered. The entire chat log generated from this interaction is documented. Creating several advantages, such as a leveled playing field, effective collaboration, and full transparency.

User-friendly features extend to comparing components of each offer from two aspects: TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and TES ( Technical Evaluation Score). Data can be exported to Excel to calculate the TCO, and technical specification files of any type can be downloaded to be evaluated by the technical team. The numbers can then be added to special fields for each item. These numbers are shown in the comparison table, which lists all items and compares them by each suppliers' offer. It should be noted that the TCO and TES can be completed by the same person or different people - this is a perfect example of organizational tools that directly translate to increases in business efficiency.

Tradogram is devoted to providing state-of-the-art procurement tools that are intuitive, effective, and easy to implement for every user in a variety of industries. Client feedback is always prioritized; updates to the application have been made on behalf of evolving user needs. Tradogram displays this level of commitment in every capacity.

About Tradogram

Tradogram is a powerful, cost-effective, and secure online private purchasing platform. Tradogram is the result of a commitment to innovation, a strategy which serves the various needs of medium to large enterprises without neglecting small businesses.

Tradogram knows that efficiency, measurable savings, and controlled procurement are crucial factors in user satisfaction. Tradogram's passionate team of professionals want to facilitate enhanced information management and strong supplier control. Try a free account and experience the benefits firsthand.

Tradogram offers an Affiliate Referral Partner program for consultants and consulting agencies involved in IT, supply chain, and/or general business management. Start incorporating the latest technology in purchasing within your consulting services. If you think our services would complement your goals, contact info@tradogram.com to learn more about our partner program.


Tradogram Procurement Management

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