Control Your Procurement Process With an Approval Process Workflow System

Approvals Overview

Approvals for purchasing protection

Use the approvals feature as a safeguard against unnecessary purchases. The possibility of maverick spending is eliminated when a manager is able to authorize and validate each order. All approvers are notified via email when action is required. Users have an appropriate amount of guidance and the purchasing workflow is streamlined.

Configure your approval workflow

Customize your approval hierarchy and have it set up in the back-end so that users just submit and wait. Decide whether you want to assign approvals on purchase order, requisitions, invoices, or even expenses. To further enhance control, approvals can be set based on amount thresholds, item category, and/or department. Set your approval routes – your way.

Approval Workflows That Are As Simple Or As Detailed As Your Procurement Process


Configure multiple, flexible hierarchy stages for each different approval workflow process established on the system. Withhold approvals from being sent to designated parties until approvals from the previous hierarchy are fulfilled.

Approvals - Hierarchy Levels
Approvals - Criteria


Choose one or a combination of different criteria based on departments, categories, projects, amount thresholds, etc. Establish a customized approval workflow on any type of document through your procurement process.


Notifications for required approval actions are automatically sent to the approver via email, mobile, and an alert is left on their Tradogram account. Approval hierarchies do not send notifications to higher tiers until lower tiers give their approval.

Approvals - Notifications
Approvals - Exemptions


Users can be configured to bypass the approval requirements of one or more approval rules. Approvers who would normally not need to give approval on documents they create can optionally be required to give approval, even on their own documents.