Track stock and manage distribution with an Inventory Control System

Inventory Overview

Track stock items & set reorder points

Pick the items that you keep stock of and setup the reorder threshold for each. Tradogram will let you know when any of your stock items have reached their reorder point, so that you can initiate an order. Ensure that you always have enough and never run short.

Build your distribution channel

Easily move stock items between multiple locations. Once an order is booked-in, Tradogram allows you to send the quantity to any of your locations. This promotes smooth operations along a company’s entire supply chain. Stock items will always be accurate and uncomplicated with improved control.

Streamline Procurement And Inventory Management Through One Platform


Indicate which items in your database are stock items to ensure that inventory managers can focus on tracking essential products and components. Inventory managers can enter manual adjustments to update stock information, or book-in stock through the receiving module.

Inventory - Stock
Inventory - Reorder


Set reorder points for each stock item to ensure that when item quantities drop below a certain threshold, staff are made aware of the need to acquire more. Reorder points allow necessary item orders from different distribution locations to be placed on requisitions in an organized and efficient manner.


Placed requisition orders can be fulfilled from existing inventory levels or through the creation of a purchase order. Requisitions can be amalgamated together on a single purchase order or partially fulfilled on multiple purchase orders.

Inventory - Fulfill
Inventory - Book-In


Received items can be booked-in to update inventory or just to allow a simple 2-way match for accurate information to be provided when invoices are reconciled. Staff can leave notes when booking in deliveries, allowing for details and discrepancies to be communicated and documented.