Measure Quality & Performance With Our Supplier Management System Solutions

Suppliers List Overview

Manage your approved suppliers

Use Tradogram to quickly build your approved suppliers list on a personalized database. You can link each one of your approved vendors to one or more items for quick, easy ordering. The ability to access comprehensive details about your suppliers is the first step to making smart purchasing decisions. Keep track of purchases and all documentation, in addition to the overall performance history for each supplier.

Supplier evaluation with score cards

Determine the high achievers with Tradogram’s supplier performance rating – a short scorecard that identifies those vendors that should be reused and those that should be dismissed. The performance rating provides your organization with opportunities for improving relationships with vendors. Establish KPIs that maintain high expectations of your suppliers.

Manage Supplier Information, Performance, & Communication In A Single System


Create a supplier master list to store details on multiple points of contact, phone numbers, address information, and financial information such as default currency, payment terms, and tax percentage that can be automatically applied to orders.

Suppliers list - List
Suppliers list - Categorize


Create custom categories to filter the supplier database efficiently, as well as report on those categories when generating spend reports. Sub-categories can be created to further structure the way suppliers are listed, which offers a flexible way to sort suppliers based on their type, location, services, etc. 


Supplier evaluations can be completed on each purchase order, allowing staff to contribute to supplier performance ratings over time. Customizable fillable forms offer a flexible way to provide staff with the opportunity to complete due diligence on suppliers at any time.

Supplier List - Evaluate
Suppliers list - Onboard


Suppliers do not need to have a Tradogram account in order to receive and send responses to documents such as purchase orders and RFQs. However, suppliers can also be invited to Tradogram’s supplier portal to track their received orders and create invoices directly through the system.