Simplify invoice 3-way matching with Our Automated Accounts Payable Software

Invoices Overview

Effortless 3-way matching

Streamline communication between procurement and your finance department. Accounts payable automation can enhance procurement management at all hierarchy levels of your company – verify a 3-way match between purchase orders, deliveries, and invoices to obtain greater control over expenditure. Master your financial processes by accessing spend data and improving cost visibility.

Accounts payable automation

Auto-populate each invoice with received quantities from deliveries, if desired. To further enhance organization, users can manage invoices by confirming those that have been paid, approved for payment, and are still pending approval. Once all details are satisfactory, simply hit create and you’ll have a digital copy of the invoice on hand, with a downloadable PDF version. Batch your invoices for easy data export.

Matching Purchase Orders To Invoices Helps Automate The Accounts Payable Process


Enter multiple invoice entries against a single purchase order, including separate due dates and attach the original copy. Complete credit note information if a refund or discount is retroactively received on an invoice, which will automatically update any affected budgets on the system

Invoices - Enter
Invoices - Match


Automatically match invoice records with purchase orders and delivery notes, synchronizing information from buyers, the receiving teams and accounting personnel. Ensure a 3-way match is completed on every order, providing a natural method for combating maverick spending.


Easily reconcile an associated purchase order linked to any invoice received to review order details like item quantities and prices. View an activity log to see a history of who took certain actions and made revisions to each document, including timestamps records for those modifications.

Invoices - Reconcile
Invoices - Connect


Set up automated integrations with your accounting platforms such as QuickBooks, Xero, Oracle, and an ever-growing list of other software tools. Information fields including general ledger accounts per line-item and payment terms are included during the invoice transfer to an accounting system.