Track purchase order discrepancies with a Delivery Management System

Delivery Tracking Overview

Precise order receiving

Completing a two-way match is crucial for procurement accuracy: check what’s been ordered versus what’s been received and approved. Any discrepancies are highlighted for corrections. Tradogram will help make sure you only pay for what is ordered and actually received.

Timely deliveries

Details can be organized to keep track of received orders, ensuring that future deliveries arrive on-time and at the correct location. Users have the option of requesting an advanced delivery note from suppliers, or they may simply complete delivery information themselves.

Manage And Share Delivery Details Through Automated Status Updates On The System


Enter delivery note details about received deliveries, such as the date received, method of delivery, and the address at which it was received. Deliveries can continue to be received for a single purchase order until the purchase order is marked as “fully received” on the system.

Delivery Tracking - Receive
Delivery Tracking - book-in


Confirm the quantity of items received against what was ordered to create a 2-way match. Optionally record shipping bill and invoice details with an option to attach files. When using the inventory module, allocate received items to specific locations to keep track of where goods are distributed.


Discrepancies between what was originally ordered and what was received in a delivery can be flagged when discovered, to communicate issues with staff and suppliers. Receive notifications when deliveries take longer than the expected due date to arrive and ensure suppliers are aware of the discrepancy.

Delivery Tracking - Flag
Delivery Tracking - Track


The status of a delivery is marked depending on actions that are taken on it, and include indicators for in-delivery, fully received, issued, and partially received orders. Filter deliveries based on their status, and quickly sort through delivery information based on multiple filters and sorting options.