Enhance communication with effective tools for Procurement Collaboration

Messaging Overview

Streamlined communication

Instant messaging facilitates confidential information exchanges (maintained in a secure database), and allows for immediate connections with colleagues and suppliers. Improved communication encourages more educated purchasing decisions. Real-time responses give users the information they need without wasting valuable time.

Open discussions with suppliers

Discussion rooms are available for every transaction. It’s these “rooms” that provide a venue to view, compose, and respond to notes from suppliers. Vendors have access to discussion rooms while responding to requests, which is particularly useful for sealed bid transactions. Convey your procurement needs with an unprecedented level of clarity.

Centralize Supplier Communication And Collaborate With Procurement Teams


Staff can send messages to one another directly through the system, providing a streamlined platform for discussing procurement duties. Notes sections are available during order creation that allow internal communication to remain intact as documents travel through a workflow.

Instant Messaging - Messages
Instant Messaging - Discussion


On-system messaging allows staff to communicate with one another about any aspect of the procurement process. When managing a strategic sourcing event, one or more suppliers can be contacted through a live discussion channel, allowing negotiations to take place online.


Staff receives notifications both through the system and to their email when critical actions require their attention. Alerts are sent in real-time to ensure instant communication and efficient workflows.

Instant Messaging - Alerts
Instant Messaging - Collaboration


Documents can be held for approval by one or more staff, allowing collaboration and verification to take place before the next step on a given document is taken. Invite team members to take part in live chats internally and with suppliers during negotiations.