Streamline the Procure-To-Pay Process With A Purchase Order Management System

Purchase Orders Overview

Simplify purchase order management

Purchase orders can be created from scratch on a free-form or based on terms that have been negotiated with suppliers using requests (RFQs). Existing POs can even be duplicated for easy reordering of selected items. Users can benefit from their databases to auto-fill their POs with the items specifications, payment terms, and prices – along with a custom PO number.

An intuitive purchasing workflow

Order approvals can be set for purchase orders to prevent off-budget spending and heighten procurement control. Users have the ability to track the lifecycle of a PO from when it’s created all the way to 2-way receipt and 3-way invoice matching. The process is transparent and streamlined.

Manage The Entire Purchase-to-pay Process With A Simple Purchase Order System


Easily create and track purchase orders from any device. Add items from your database to have specification files and details automatically populated, or add external items manually or from online stores.

Purchase Order - Create
Purchase Order - Approve


Customize your approval workflows to have purchase orders automatically routed for approval before sending them to suppliers. Don’t keep your team waiting, approve from anywhere using any device.


Simplify purchase order management with an organized database that can be filtered by department, project, supplier, category, date, status, and more. Gain 100% visibility into company spending at every stage.

Purchase Orders - Track
Purchase Orders - Reconcile


Quickly compare receiving details and the invoice on-hand with details from the purchase order, allowing for a simple 3-way match to be confirmed with minimal effort.