Achieve MULTI-LEVEL PURCHASING WITH A FLEXIBLE Purchase Requisition System

Requisitions Overview

Reliable system for internal orders

A centralized system for requisitions is designed to collect and automatically assign internal orders, so a specific individual can make the final purchase. Requisitions are multi-purpose; users can add items from the database or as one-off items. Eliminate ordering confusion to make your procurement system cost-effective and streamlined.

Use requisitions to eliminate paper trails

Economies of scale are achieved effortlessly when an efficient process is in place – no more scattered, unorganized documents resulting in duplicate or inaccurate orders. Requisitioners are able to track each item’s status, from when it’s approved to ordered to received. Give your team the insight they need to track orders and stay on top of company spend.

Convert Requisitions Into Purchase Orders Through One Efficient Management System


Allow staff to populate requisition orders with items from the database with stored specification details, or add external items manually or even from online stores. Promote a centralized purchasing workflow without the bottleneck.

Requisitions - Complete
Requisitions - Approve


Managers and other staff can have requisition orders routed to them for approval before moving the document to purchasing. Purchasers can flip a requisition order into a PO, while automatically sharing the requisition status.


Fulfill multiple requisition orders by amalgamating internal requirements onto a single purchase order, establishing a purchasing routine that promotes economy-of-scale. Choose to partially or completely fulfill requisition orders from a single repository.

Requisition - fulfill
Requisitions Track


Track order requirements from a single dashboard, ensuring that internal company purchasing requirements are never neglected. Staff can track the status of orders as they move through a workflow to estimate when their requisitions are fulfilled.