Generate sales quotes and manage orders with a sales activity tracker. Use price quote templates to contact customers efficiently.

Sales order management software is used by all kinds of industries, including e-commerce, retail, distributors, and manufacturing businesses to improve the efficiency of sending sales quotes and managing incoming sales orders.

Tradogram’s sales order management system offers an effective way for businesses to integrate their procurement management plans with a sales activity tracker. Sales order processing procedures can be enhanced with clean price quote templates, automated purchase and sales order acknowledgement notifications, 2-way and 3-way match invoice processing, and a variety of other useful features.

See the the steps below to learn more.


Contact and manage buyer responses with a sales quote tracking system.

  • Determine you ideal terms and pricing, then attach any required sales documents to your price quote template before sending it to the buying party. External files allow you to document details like the scale or scope of work agreed upon for a service, or item specifications for a product.
  • Customers using Tradogram can make use of automated procurement record keeping to review your sales quotes at anytime. Receive status updates whenever your buyers open or respond to a sales quote before proceeding with the next series of required order management process steps.


Manage e-commerce and retail with an effective sales order management system.

  • Begin your sales order procedure by sending purchase order acknowledgements to your buyers as they respond to your sales quotes. Received PO’s will automatically be converted to sales orders through the sales order processing system, and will include all procurement documents provided by the customer.
  • Simplify the sales order entry process by automatically synchronizing purchase order and sales order numbers shared between you and your buyers. Both parties can also leave notes on their orders to maintain clear procurement collaboration and sales order management.
  • Filter sent sales quotes and received PO’s (or sales orders) to review information and create reports from the sales order management system. Both you and your customers can download PDF versions of purchase order forms and sales order forms for convenient procurement record keeping.


Send delivery notes/slips to customers through a delivery management system.

  • You can send delivery notes to your buyers when requested to confirm product types and quantities being shipped. Include information like delivery addresses, dates, times, and units of measurement in delivery slips to confirm the details of a purchase order form with a buyer.
  • Buyers receive delivery notes through an intuitive delivery management system interface. Buyers can also enter delivery slip information themselves if it’s a more convenient option for meeting their requirements, as well as book-in delivered items to complete a 2-way match with what was actually received.


Carry out PO matching, sales order confirmation and invoice reconciliation.

  • PO matching against invoices is completely automated in the sales order processing system. Details from every transaction are always synchronized between buyers and suppliers, allowing for improved invoice automation.
  • Filter and review the status of sales orders and invoices from a convenient dashboard display. Verify which invoices have been paid, approved for payment, or are pending approval by customers that are using Tradogram’s approval workflow system.
  • Optimize your sales order management system by delegating specific sales order management roles for each member of your team. Assign users to handle sales order processing procedures, create and send delivery slips, and/or handle order confirmation and invoices.


Sales order and invoice information can be compiled into custom spend reports.

  • Access flexible reporting and documentation options with the ability to export data from the sales order to invoice process as CSV spreadsheet files. Customers on Tradogram can review and compile similar data to create custom spend analysis reports.
  • Once the order management process concludes, sales quotes, invoices, and sales orders are archived and accessible in a searchable sales history database. Buyers can then submit supplier evaluation forms, vendor scorecards, and add their favorites to an approved list of suppliers.
  • The item master database contains a transaction history for each item. Customers can access this information when performing cost forecasting to verify the quality of the goods and services that they’re ordering, and contact you to establish a contract management plan for long-term purchasing agreements.