Improve The Vendor Management Process Supplier Performance Management Software

Build a list of approved suppliers, including a directory for contact details, transaction records, and performance evaluations.

Vendor management software is designed to optimize supplier communications while evaluating their performance over time. Tradogram offers all of the tools needed to accomplish this objective, including supplier evaluation forms and vendor scorecards to enhance your supplier performance management experience.

Use built-in messaging for seamless procurement collaboration with your suppliers and employees. Automatically sort and document procurement records from each supplier for review at anytime, and create supplier evaluation reports for actionable information surrounding your suppliers.

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Simplify multi-vendor management with a categorized list of approved suppliers.

  • Upload an existing vendor list in a variety of formats to jumpstart your directory. Use different branches to further structure your list, and add details like company logos and multiple points of contact to improve supplier communication.
  • Control procurement by activating or deactivating suppliers at anytime. Use an intuitive approval workflow system to allow other users to verify and approve new suppliers before adding them to the vendor list.
  • Categorize your list of approved suppliers to locate relevant material or service vendors efficiently. Vendor scorecard information is also provided in the list, allowing quality and cost control to be evaluated at a glance.


Enhance supplier information management and document procurement actions.

  • Improve your supplier information management by storing details for one or more points of contact. Remove bottlenecks from supplier communications by including financial details such as default currencies, payment terms, and taxes.
  • Link suppliers with goods and services listed in your item master database to browse a supplier-based item catalogue. Automated procurement record keeping lets you review the details of past transactions from each supplier.
  • Complete due diligence by reviewing supplier evaluations and vendor scorecards submitted by employees. Supplier evaluation forms can include customizable questions and information fields to ensure details are communicated clearly.


Handle procurement collaboration with centralised supplier communications.

  • Use built-in messaging and discussion rooms to handle procurement collaboration with your suppliers. Both parties can attach external files during negotiations, allowing you to share procurement documents and specify details about your requirements with suppliers.
  • Receive color coded status updates, confirmations, and notifications during every stage of the procurement negotiation process. Respond to sourcing bids dynamically with a comprehensive set of e-sourcing tools that encourage and simplify multi-vendor management.
  • Exchange procurement documents with your suppliers like purchase orders and item specification files directly through the system. Keep track of their official responses by requesting delivery notes, quality certificates, shipping bills, and more.


Make use of a supplier rating system and custom supplier evaluation forms.

  • Submit simple vendor score cards after each transaction to rate metrics like item quality, delivery timing, and documentation compliance. Scores from the supplier rating system are calculated and displayed in the vendor list, providing a convenient dashboard for supplier performance management.
  • Custom supplier evaluation forms let users leave notes and track specific details about their experiences when dealing with a supplier. Review submitted forms to attain cost savings through reliable suppliers that provide the highest quality goods and services.
  • Set due dates for maintaining effective supplier performance management. Each contact in your vendor list can have their own reminders established to ensure due diligence is carried out, information is kept up to date, and performance reviews are held regularly.


Encourage supplier onboarding with an order management system they’ll love.

  • Optionally, invite your suppliers to use Tradogram’s supplier portal to facilitate efficient procurement collaboration. Suppliers can send messages directly through the system, respond to RFP / RFQ forms that are sent to them, and synchronize their contact details with you.
  • Suppliers can use a straightforward order management system to send and track the status of their sales quotes, sales orders, deliveries, and invoices. Tradogram can also be used as a sales activity tracker, as all procurement documents and negotiation details are automatically recorded.
  • Everything sent from Tradogram is completely white-labelled, and supplier onboarding is not mandatory for vendors to communicate or respond to procurement documents you send them.