Case Studies Learn about our customers

Our customers worldwide love Tradogram, and we love our customers. Here are some examples of how Tradogram transformed their businesses.

Processing between 50 to 100 purchase orders every month related to national operations in the United Arab Emirates, the National Security Institute was in need of a system to assist with supplier management, bidding, and negotiations. Find out why Tradogram was their system of choice for replacing paper-based processes.

As legalization of cannabis continues to see increasing acceptance around the world, the demand for safe and efficient processes to produce medical and recreational supplies of the drug has increased drastically. Find out why Leafline Labs chose Tradogram as their solution for improving procurement operations.

Because of the complexities involved in managing recruitment at a variety of different branch locations, flexible configuration options are a must-have for an e-procurement system used in the recruitment sector. Find out how Tradogram met the requirements of the UK’s largest employment agency.