Learn about our customers Case Studies From Tradogram Users

Our worldwide customers love Tradogram, and we build what they love. Here are some examples of how Tradogram helped transform their businesses.

Founded in San Diego in 1950, Father Joe’s Villages has served the homeless and those living in poverty for over 70 years. Find out how they were able to slash their costs in half after implementing Tradogram into their purchasing operations.

Operating multiple branch office locations throughout the Middle East with over 3,500 staff, Fetchr required a purchasing solution capable of meeting the requirements of its highly mobile team. Find out how this innovative delivery company was able to successfully implement Tradogram as a replacement to their paper-based procurement processes.

Processing between 50 to 100 purchase orders every month related to national operations in the United Arab Emirates, the National Security Institute was in need of a system to assist with supplier management, bidding, and negotiations. Find out why Tradogram was their system of choice for replacing paper-based processes.

As legalization of cannabis continues to see increasing acceptance around the world, the demand for safe and efficient processes to produce medical and recreational supplies of the drug has increased drastically. Find out why Leafline Labs chose Tradogram as their solution for improving procurement operations.

Founded in Corona, California, Technical America’s IES (Industrial Equipment Solutions) has been designing and producing refrigeration and gas compression packages since 1990. Find out why they selected Tradogram as their procurement solution and have been using it for years.