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Last Updated: 2 September, 2020

In today’s complex environment, businesses are constantly evolving to adapt and innovative changes in technology. One major shift that continues to see improvements is the automation of business processes. Regardless of the industry, automation has proved to transform businesses of all kinds, ultimately elevating their bottom line. We asked 10 experts about the benefits of automation and why organizations should move towards the automation of their processes, and this is what they said:


Tom Mumford

Manage Lead Generation 

“As a moving company, managing leads and upcoming jobs is an important aspect of our service. We’ve recently implemented automation software to help with our booking process and tracking our jobs. Previously, we would receive leads via phone or email and manually gather the information needed to schedule a move. We added an automated booking feature to our site and it has helped save on overhead employee costs and has streamlined our job management process. It’s also helped us manage our lead gen process more efficiently, which in turn has resulted in more customers. Through the automated booking feature, we can easily gather all of the information that we need to complete a move, making the process easier for the client. This has helped to improve the quality of our service. This automated process has benefited us in so many ways, and as a business owner with a hectic schedule, I can now breathe a bit easier!”

Tom Mumford, Co-Founder of Undergrads Moving

Adam Hempenstall

Time Savings

“By far, the biggest benefit is the amount of time you can save, which was one of the biggest selling points. In our case, automation helps us put a lot of our marketing and communication on autopilot. We have an onboarding sequence set up for new users that guides them through the features that we know our existing users love. That way, we introduce them to our best features before their trial period expires, moving them one step closer to converting with every email we send.”

Adam Hempenstall, Founder and CEO at Better Proposals

Garrett Greller

Improved Customer Relations

“Automation is as much of a tool as a computer, a smartphone, or even an analog throwback like a hammer. Tools are meant to save time and labour by making tasks easier and faster, and automation is just another example of this. Automation streamlines business operations by allowing the delegation of time-consuming tasks like compiling mailing lists, taking inventory, or populating spreadsheets to computer software, which does it faster and more precisely than one person or even several people could. Along with saving time and labour, our customers are invariably happier when automated software invoices them quickly and accurately, resulting in repeat business and better customer relations.”

Garrett Greller, Co-Founder of Uncle Bud’s Hemp


Jeff McLean

Eliminate Human Error 

“Automated software moves the needle when it comes to our bottom line by removing human error and productivity limitations from the equation in terms of some of the very exacting tabulation needed when working with inventory control. Consistently using a computerized bar code system results in vastly fewer mistakes, groups like-products, and optimizes shipping and receiving operations. Additionally, automation frees up man-hours that can be used to strategic advantage elsewhere.”

Jeff McLean, Co-owner of McLean Company


David Meltzer

Focus Resources

“In today’s society, automation can be the deciding factor in whether your business will survive or not. For product manufacturing, farming, payroll, and even in HR, software innovation has helped certain companies through difficult times. Not only is it more effective, but its cost-efficient since automation will require less manpower. At the end of the day, it is merely innovation, and innovation is needed in our fast-paced world. In our business, we use an automated messaging system that replies to frequently asked questions, this system has helped us save time on repetitive questions and we can focus on more important tasks.”

David Meltzer, CEO / Insurance Agent at East Insurance Group

Increase Levels of Collaboration and Transparency

Automation eliminates paperwork, which helps to reduce delays in the business process. Not only that, but automation also supports businesses to align with suppliers better, leading to improved relations and strategic abilities to achieve their goals. “Automation reduces the time taken by the business to resolve customer issues, helping to improve customer service processes. It reduces errors that can happen in manual contract management and streamlines contract management. Process automation allows senior and middle management to get more time for strategic tasks, improving the business’s bottom line.”

Stacey Howard, Accounting Expert at Cogneesol

Enhanced Productivity

“Many businesses invest in automated software in order to gain more productivity and effectiveness. Here are the multitude of benefits when you upgrade to automation.”

Increased productivity and effectiveness: “As we mentioned before, using automated software has the ability to work at a constant speed, unattended, 24/7. That means you’ve got the potential to produce more.”

Reduced factory lead times: “Automation can help organizations in aligning better with their suppliers and keep your process in-house, improve process control and significantly reduce lead times compared to outsourcing or going overseas.”

Reducing operational costs: “Automation can perform the work of three to five people, depending on the task. This will save the cost of labour and energy savings. Automated operations will only require lower heating.”

Better product quality: “Automation solutions are based on your unique needs and goals and pay for themselves quickly, therefore, producing high-quality products. This also brings you a high rate of return.”

“Now you know how automated operations bring more efficient work, integrated systems, and better processes. Thus, businesses who embrace workflow automation can see big results in their bottom line.”

Carol Li, Co-Founder of CocoFax


Jesse Silkoff

Stay Engaged with Customers 

“Automation software has been a game-changer for my company. Being able to automate processes helps us to be more efficient and increases productivity by removing some of the time-consuming tasks, no one on the team looks forward to doing. 

“Being able to automate our social media and email marketing specifically has helped us to stay engaged with current and future customers much better, which has a positive effect on sales.”

Jesse Silkoff, Co-Founder and President, MyRoofingPal


Michael Alexis

Career Growth

“Every time we run an employee job satisfaction survey, we get the same results: people want more opportunities to grow in their careers and to earn more. For career growth, we’ve learned that automation software is actually one of our best partners. Instead of replacing jobs, as some people fear, automation helps remove redundant tasks from our people, so that they can focus on training up and doing higher-level work. As these team members grow in responsibility and contribution, the business performs better (which is great for our bottom line) and we are also able to increase pay. Automation is very win-win.”

Michael Alexis, CEO of TeamBuilding

Alex Joseph

Enhanced Vendor/Supplier Relationships 

“In the case of customers, you will be able to work more precisely and effectively with vendors, suppliers, and other partners. As both parties will gain major goals with enhanced workflows, your business relationships bring more value.”

Alex Joseph, Content Developer at My Dock 365


 As you can see, automation is key to your business’ success and potentially the determining factor of whether or not your business survives. In today’s environment, investing in automation software is really a no brainer. At Tradogram, we provide streamlined workflow solutions including the automation of the procurement process. Reach out to us today to learn more and get started.

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